The truth & nothing but the truth…

Can you actually believe that by me purchasing a £69 business start up kit in June 2015 that I’d have a company that has over 5000 teamies & in that time company sales of nearly 5 million $!!!

No neither can I – for many many reasons…
1️⃣ I have never ever stuck at anything – I changed jobs hundreds of times – I’ve moved over 20 times in 37 years 😂
2️⃣ I was so low – depressed, anxious & blaming the world for everything!
3️⃣ I didn’t have a clue what I was doing!
4️⃣ my network of friends wasn’t huge because most people didn’t understand my need to hide myself away (because of depression & anxiety).
5️⃣ my confidence & self esteem was minus 100, I’ve never ever been confident- through school it took many knocks & we were never ever taught the skills I’ve learnt now.

BUT by purchasing that top business start up kit my life changed I CHANGED.

I started to believe in myself, I wanted to fix my issues, I wanted to heal myself & more importantly I wanted to help others do the same.

By seeking out self development books & training I’ve built & sustained an incredibly rewarding business that keeps me going. Because my desire to help others achieve this too fills me with joy.

I bleed purple now 💜 but in June 2015 I didn’t have a clue what I was doing I just knew I needed to change. I didn’t understand how a company with such an incredible motto with incredible owners would enable me to turn my life around. UPLIFT • EMPOWER • VALIDATE.

So if you too want to change your life bag yourself my new beauty box (bottom pic) not only will you save 80% on incredible products, but I’ll teach you how to use them AND help you gain confidence, self esteem & even earn some extra cash along the way 💜 

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