Self Care – BINGO

SELF CARE is super super important ladies. I know it’s hard to find the time but we must find a way to MAKE the time. We cannot serve from an empty vessel, we need to recharge our batteries often otherwise we burn out & no use to anyone.

Feeling exhausted affects our mood & mindset too. So I encourage you to tick off as many of these items as possible today. Then share on your timeline /stories & tag me so I can celebrate your wins with you!!!

Let’s spread this self care energy by nominating your friends too. The more we help others feel good the happier the world will be 💜 Use this hashtag so I can see your posts or tag me if you like #VickyAndCoSelfCare

I’d love to hear how doing self care weekly helps you – pop me a message especially if you need some help or have some more ideas to share with me – I’m going to update the bingo sheet as often as possible!

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