My version of the Miracle Morning

I read the miracle morning book a few years ago, it made a big impact on my life back then BUT not as big as it has recently! Back then it was about overcoming my depression & pulling my life back together…it was an achievement if I did the things in the image below by midday!!! But it worked!

Since having Parker my life has obviously changed considerably, at first I found it easy to work when he napped but his naps became less frequent & much shorter. So I found myself getting frustrated (sadly) with Parker for not napping and at myself for being upset for Parker for not napping…it was a vicious circle. Yes I still get paid if I work or not BUT I’ll make a lot more if I do the DMO every single day!

I couldn’t handle this, so there had to be a better way! I’m very much a problem solver I WON’T let anything beat me! I’d already been using our incredible DMO’s (daily method of operation) which helped me get organised again (with baby brain!) So my solution was to mix the miracle morning with the DMO! AND POW…what a solution it is!

If you’d asked me to get up at 5am a year ago I would have laughed and said nooooo way I’m not a morning person! BUT this is a game changer honestly!!! Yes I’m pretty tired but it is getting easier each day AND the feeling of achieving so much before Parker even wakes up TOTALLY outweighs the tiredness!

So each morning starting at 5am (ish), I…

  1. Say my affirmations
  2. Visualise my ideal life & teamies (LOA)
  3. Do some self development (audio whilst working and/or walking)
  4. Smash out the DMO (30 or 60 minutes depending on time)
  5. Then go for a walk when Parker wakes up & I’ve given him his breakfast etc

Which means before 8am I have finished my work & set myself up for the most positive day! I then have the rest of the day to have fun with Parker & that’s the best feeling ever! No stressing about fitting work in when he naps…honestly this is the way forward! I don’t have a work life balance, my life side defo tips the scales…work smarter not harder!

My top tips…

  • set your alarm 15 minutes earlier each day until you get up an hour earlier than you did before.
  • go to bed early – I go to bed around 7 to be asleep by 8ish, as Parker is still waking up so much it’s the only way I’ll get at least 7 hours sleep.
  • I used to watch tv to switch off until about 11pm and you know what I feel so much better for not watching all those hours of tv!
  • plan what you want to do in your miracle morning the day before and get things out that you need – journal, gym kit, affirmations, books etc. Put them by your bed so you see them when you wake up – then you have no excuses!

Quit making excuses for not reaching your potential & dreams! Get a miracle morning plan in place so you can change your life & change your future! Any questions just pop me an email

Big Love

Vic x

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