I’ve been thinking a lot about when you smell something and how it takes you back to certain memories! When I first smelt our new perfumes I was teleported back to certain memories…

💜 “Passionately Yours” transported me back to when Gareth & I first got together! The sun was shining, we were having fun on the beach, eating delicious foods & shopping every weekend, making the most of the time together before Gareth went back home each Monday morning!!! One lovely summers day we popped into Bournemouth and I purchased Michael by Michael Kors, which then became the perfume that reminded me of Gareth…Passionately Yours smells just like it (which is fantastic as my Michael Kors had run out!!!)

💛 when I first smelt “Yours & Only Yours“ it took me back to my mums birthday. The whole family were at my parents house for a BBQ, which in our family normally turns into a bit of a party! Dancing round the living room and having a few vinos! My dad had just got my Mum Daisy by Marc Jacobs which is very similar to “Yours & Only Yours“, so smelling it took me back to that fun day.

💙 “Dreaming of You” took me back to my sisters & I trips to Cambridge! We used to have sooooooo much fun, many fond memories!!! This perfume reminds me of DKNY Be Delicious! Summer vibes & drinking cider whilst on a punt being read poetry (that’s about as classy as it got!)

What perfume gives you what memories?

Much Love

Vicky x

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