It’s ok not to be ok!

This song is my go to song when I am struggling, I put it on this morning and croakily sung it! I have a lot on my plate right now, we are moving soon (possibly one of the most stressful things you ever do!), I’m facing my public speaking fear Saturday PLUS juggling being a mum, housework and my business at the same time!

The stress levels are taking me back to my previous life – when I was a project manager working in a super stressful environment, when I was constantly in fight or flight mode and eventually had a breakdown!

I won’t let this happen again, I recognise the signs now – I get colds, headaches, twitchy eye, stomach pains, feel adrenaline running through my body constantly. I want to just lie down and do nothing but my mind says otherwise – “get shit done Vix – no time to be lazy”.

BUT I have to listen to my body, I do actually need to rest and try not to do everything at once. Although most days I feel like I can take on the world quite frankly we all need some assistance once in a while! My assistance used to be a bottle of wine, that used to sort my stress levels out in that moment but totally wasn’t the answer, as just made the next day even more shitty!

Now I know I need to write everything down that’s on my mind and make a plan to tackle it bit by bit rather than trying to do it all at once – I guess this a positive thing that l I took away from project management!

After years of self development, learning all I could about overcoming depression and anxiety I learnt some key skills to help me recover and stop myself going back under!

Doing these things consistently everyday will help make things seem clearer & easier as you’ll be taking a step forward each day. These are in order of the things that had the most impact for me…

  1. Going for a quick walk – when all you want to do is hide and bury your head in the sand – the absolute best thing to do is to go for a quick walk – being out in the day light will have a HUGE affect on your mood trust me! I take Parker out every morning and this is 100% helping me right now!
  2. Listen to some self development on audible or you tube – do this whilst you walk if you want to, if you feel you need something to focus on rather than the fact you are outside and feeling anxious.
  3. Practice mindfulness – stop right now – take 3 VERY long deep breaths and focus on them – this is what it means by living in the present moment. Whenever you feel overwhelmed use this practice – as when we are stressed we actually stop breathing properly – you will notice how much better you feel afterwards!!!
  4. Meditation – if you cannot sleep at night I HIGHLY recomend listening to guided meditations for sleep – there are loads of free ones on YouTube.
  5. Pamper yourself – do something kind for yourself, long hot bath, face mask, hair cut, paint your nails – anything to make you feel good.
  6. Positive affirmations  – read positive affirmations or listen to them. Fake it until you make it! I really thought people were crackers when they told me about affirmations but stick with it for 21 days and you will 100% feel better about yourself!
  7. Gratitude – practice gratitude everyday for 21 days – until it becomes a habit! You will have rewired your brain to find the positives in everything in that time! You just need to write down 3 things a day but try to write 10 for extra feel good vibes!
  8. Nap – if you aren’t sleeping well at night fit a 20 minute nap into your day.

I might add to this later but for now I hope this helps someone out there. Take some time now to start don’t wait for Monday or the “perfect” day today is the day to make things better!

I’m off to practice what I preach as it’s ok to stop and take sometime for yourself. It’ll make you more productive in the long run! I am always here for anyone who is struggling –

Much love





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