If it’s not kind don’t say it

Like my mum always said “if it’s not kind don’t say it” – even if you say it in a joking way.

I can’t help feel that Caroline Flack was really upset by that disgusting valentines card that Samuel Hague created.

I think it’s disgusting that people continued to mock her & chase her around even though they knew she was struggling with her mental health.

From experience I know that when you feel that way you just want to be on your own but have people you can call on (which I know she did).

I speak openly about my battle because I hope that it gives others strength & courage to reach out to someone (or me!)

I’m here to listen, I won’t judge & I can recommend some small steps to take if you feel ready too 💜 PLEASE do not suffer in silence, your mind can take you to places you don’t need to be. YOU ARE LOVED 💕

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