FREEDOM = working from home & choosing your own hours

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front recently, sorry about that! It’s been a very busy time with Parker’s birthday & traveling to France for our first family holiday!

Being here on holiday has given me plenty of time for reflection & I’m pinching myself – I literally cannot believe my life now! I’ve gone from a depressed & anxious human being who wouldn’t even leave her flat, to a confident happy bunny who bounces around with a heart full of love.

3 years ago I didn’t even understand what saying yes to this opportunity would mean to me, I was totally lost but decided to say yes & just go with the flow. I took my time to learn about network marketing, do a lot of self development & boy has it been worth it!!! I have an INCREDIBLE tribe of women by my side – Y Sisters who uplift & support each other – thousands of sisters who are on this amazing journey with me!!!

I honestly cannot believe that I earn more now than I did as a project manager, working crazy long hours everyday, stress levels through the roof & traveling all over the place. Now I work 1-2 hours a day – depending on when my son naps, amazing huh? It doesn’t even feel like work either I literally love what I do so much, it’s fun, uplifting & makes me so happy helping others feel good.

I really didn’t understand how much this helps mums especially as Parker was just an apple in my eye but I’m SUPER grateful I get to be at home with Parker everyday!

This literally gives you FREEDOM – freedom from 9-5 grind, freedom to work when you want, freedom to buy whatever you want without worrying, freedom to go on holiday when I want, freedom to go to the beach or park or baby groups with Parker. Life should be about living on your terms – trust me it feels SUPER good!

There’s no way I could go back to having a boss, being my own boss is the best decision I’ve ever made. “Nothing will change in your life if you don’t do something different from what you have been doing.” So what will you change?

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