Eight ways to make-up when you wake up

Want to look and feel glam first thing in the morning? Unless you’re a morning person who wakes up before the alarm or kids (I defo am not this person!), chances are you’re not your best at 7am or before any kid of coffee…so here are my top tips!

Whether you’re heavily pregnant, nursing a newborn or preparing for the rush of the morning drop-off, my 8 tricks to looking beautiful before 7am will save your morning sanity and eliminate the need for those huge sunglasses!!!
1. Messy hair, don’t care!
Thank goodness that the hair trends include get out of the door as quickly as possible looks, such as slicked back ponytails and low volume hair. But a quick trick I heard about is the “shower wave.” Simply pull your hair into a high pony, twist into a bun, secure with grips or a hair band, pop on a shower cap and enjoy a steamy shower. Just before leaving the house, take your hair down and ta-da! The heat from the shower will have created gorgeous waves! Or pop it up in a messy bun my go to look these days, otherwise Parker hangs off my hair!!!

2. Exfoliate

Squeeze a little face wash onto a face brush which will lightly scrub and clean your skin in one. It will stimulate the skin and encourage blood to circulate to the skin’s surface, giving you a rosy glow in seconds.

3. Do dewy quickly

For a dewy complexion in seconds, cheat! Who says you can’t mix moisturiser, foundation and highlighter? Take a small amount of each, mix in your hands and pat onto your face. Done.

4. Blush!

The quickest way to make you look bright eyed and bushy tailed is blusher especially a metallic one! Apply the metallic blusher, onto the apples of your cheeks for an instant healthy glow.

5. Wide eyed and bushy tailed

Instead of propping your eyes open with matchsticks, follow this wide-eyed beauty trick. Simply apply white eye liner to your lower lash line and a light sparkly eyeshadow into the very corner of your eye’s to make them pop!

Another sneaky way to make your eyes look fresh, alert and ready for action is to create distance between your eyes and your brows. To do this, simply brush the brow hairs upwards with either a brow brush or an old toothbrush. If you need a little extra help, apply highlighter under your eyebrows.

6. Get lippy

Don’t leave home without a killer lipstick. Pretty lips can make you feel instantly elegant and brighten up your ensemble. My current obsession is Moodstruck Minerals Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain in Sensational – it does not budge so you’ll be looking as good at 4pm as you did at 8am.

7. Get spritzing

A final flourish to boost your day has to be a spritz of perfume. A zesty fragrance will energise and will automatically make you feel uplifted and at 7am and that’s quite a feat.

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