🚲 this balance thing is HARD right!?

So when I 1st started my biz I was juggling so many balls, whilst trying to keep my balance. I was working crazy hours at my “real” job as a project manager! Also had an art biz plus helping a friend out with their business. When I added another ball (this biz) – I slotted it in 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there.

I literally didn’t stop the juggle, as keeping busy stopped my negative thoughts – well until I wanted to sleep then the insomnia kicked in.

So I started to search for things that would help – guided meditations, affirmations, self development, mindfulness, gratitude – and this is when I started to see light at the end of the tunnel.

But I had to keep doing those things daily for them to work – for me to rewire my brain in a sense. This fitted so well with my new business too, as our motto is to uplift & empower.

By learning what lifts me up & empowering myself I’ve then been able to help others do the same 💕 I came off the anti depressants & now living life on my terms – I’m a full time mum & the only ball I juggle now is this biz which fits perfectly around family life (thank goodness I didn’t drop that extra ball – as it was my saviour!) I’d love to help you too – pop me a message 💌

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